Environmental Due Diligence Flow Chart

Conducting environmental work prior to a real estate transaction provides assurance for all parties involved that the value of the property was not impacted by contamination. We understand that the environmental requirements are complicated and sometimes confusing. We are here to guide you through the process. Below is a simplified flow chart that explains the need for environmental work as part of real estate operations. Our reports are accepted by all the major lenders and we issue reliance letters at no extra cost for the client.


Environmental Assessment & Remediation Flow Chart

Environmental assessments are a systematic process where the historical information is utilized to identify any potential and actual contamination, supplemental information is obtained when needed  and impacts are addressed on a case-by case scenario. While the desired outcome is always regulatory closure, the reality is that sometimes impacts are too large and the site limitations do not allow the risk to be completely eliminated.  Below is a simplified flow chart that incorporates the essential steps of environmental investigations.


The flow charts above present only the typical situations, however, each site is unique. Please contact us to discuss your site specific options.